Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

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Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

Download blue blood of Persia the 2 Thrones Full Version computer 100% operating.This game is that the combination of blue blood of Persia The Sands of your time and blue blood of Persia someone at intervals.This was free in November thirty,2005 in PC,Play Station two,Game Cube and this journey our hero is free from all the evils of the island of your time.After finishing the story of recent version our blue blood returns back to the urban center and his throne is attacked by the functionary.He was returning to his home through ship however on the approach the enemies fireplace on the ship and his ship is additionally destroyed.Now the Kailena is on the opposite facet of the bank of the stream and blue blood on the opposite facet of the bank of stream.He should notice her on it island however Kailena's death occur during this game.So, he took revenge from the functionary and he or she unharness him. Story of blue blood of Persia the 2 Thrones: The blue blood main purpose of reaching his house is to seek out his pater however his pater is additionally killed by the monsters.He pick's up his father weapon and thereupon weapon he kills all the monsters on the island.In this version there aren't any swords there's a dagger. Dagger: The blue blood gains the dagger of your time during this product that knife helps America to travel back through time.But Associate in Nursing alternative lady is additionally finding that factor whose name is Faira.She is that the blue blood of the primary half and currently she meet America within the third half. Bosses: There square measure four bosses during this version, each boss is incredibly troublesome to kill however this makes interest in taking part in. Fat man:This is that the 1st boss of the sport whose height is sort of a tower.We cannot kill him simply however on it occasion we've to create him blind and than we tend to kill him. Brothel:She could be a lady UN agency is incredibly dangerous will|we will|we are able to}not kill her with our blue blood we tend to can kill her only our hero is modified to sand monster. Twins:These square measure 2 bosses once the horse riding stage is finished these twins come back to fight America. Vizier:The last and also the most dangerous boss of the entire game he's terribly troublesome to kill therefore be prepared for him lets see what you bought. System Requirements: Processor three.0 GHZ Ram 512 MB Hard Disk house one GB Graphics Card sixty four MB


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