Call of Duty 3 Free PC Game Full Download

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Call of Duty 3 Free PC Game Full Download

Call of Duty three may be a person shooter computer game developed by Activision and discharged for laptopand Microsoft Windows. this can be like decision of Duty Ghosts and that i have uploaded around all install ments of this series.

Call of Duty three could be a 2006 warfare II first-person shooter and therefore the third install ment within the decision of Duty game series. it had been free for the PlayStation three, Wii, and Xbox 360. it had beenconjointly free on the PlayStation two and Xbox

This game was a launch title for the PS3 and Wii in North America, Europe and Australia. it had been conjointlysolely|the sole} major decision of Duty installment to not be free for private laptop platforms and therefore the only numerical sequel thus far to own been a console-exclusive game aboard decision of Duty 2: huge Red One and decision of Duty: Finest Hour. it had been conjointly the second installment within the decision of Duty series to be developed by Treyarch once huge Red One.


The single player is shapely once the geographic area flightwherever Brits, Canadian, Polish, American, and French Resistance forces pushed into the village of Chambois, France, conjointly called the Falaise Gap. not likemost different games within the decision of Duty series, the events in decision of Duty three ar supportedone combined campaign, with the player being switched between the four nations and their individual characters for every leg of the story. There ar fourteen campaign missions.

In addition to the single-player campaign, decision of Duty three options a good vary of multiplayer modes for players to participate in - every team permitting up to twenty four on the PS3 and therefore the Xbox 360, andsixteen for the PS2 and Xbox in an exceedingly single match. this is often solely within the on-line mode. All team game modes feature the troopers of the Allied nations versus those of the Axis. Multiplayer options arabsent from the Wii edition.

This was conjointly the primary decision of Duty to introduce 2 totally different game modes. The "Normalized" mode was else to permit console players the way to regulate to the smaller kill box of decision of Duty, UO, and decision of Duty two.

On the Xbox 360, decision of Duty three divides its multiplayer facet into Player and hierarchal matches. Player matches permit players to ask different players into their games, however don't contribute points toward the leader board or unlock hierarchal matches place the player with and against groups of random players, and contribute towards player points and permit players to unlock Achievements.

Downloadable content
Three map packs were free for the Xbox 360 multiplayer game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The first, "Champs", was free as a free transfer on Jan eleven, 2007 and contained one self-titled map.[2] The "Valor" map pack contained 5 new maps: Crossing, Ironclad, La Bourgade, Stalag 23, and Wildwood. The pack was free on Jan twenty seven, 2007 for 800 MP ($10).[3] the ultimate map pack, "Bravo", contained 5 new maps of that 2 were remade fromdecision of Duty United Offensive: Gare Centrale, Marseilles, Aller Haut, river, and Rimling. The pack was free onmight thirty one, 2007 for 800 MP.[4] the worth of the map packs was later reduced to four hundred MP every


Processor three.0 GHZ
Ram 512 MB
Hard Disk house half dozen GB
Graphics Card 128 MB
COD three File Size a pair of.16 GB
How To Install

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